RTA is pleased to present you with the new Ride Guide, which covers September 13, 2020 through January 9, 2021. This isn’t just any guidebook. It has been designed with you, the customer, in mind and has plenty of new features to make your travel experience even better.  

Unlike paper guides, your digital guide provides several advantages, including the fact that routes and schedules can be updated immediately online should there be unexpected changes. Also, you don’t need to carry a paper guide anymore because it’s all on your mobile device. Plus, less paper means less waste and a cleaner environment on the bus.  

Take a closer look at your online guide. It contains hyperlinks that allow you to jump from the table of contents to a specific map or schedule. No more scrolling through the pages to find information. In addition, the maps and schedules have one-tap links that instantly connect you with websites for business, schools, government service, healthcare centers and other popular destinations.  

Whether you are viewing the guide online or downloading a PDF of it on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, RTA is excited to make your travel experience even better and give you another reason to ride the bus. 

The Ride Guide isn’t the only place you can get information.

You can also get real-time bus arrival information on the BusWatch, Transit app, and Google Transit and instant route and schedule updates by signing up for iAlerts, BusWatch or visiting us on social media. The Customer Information Center is also a great resource for customers needing assistance planning their next trip. 

Filename Date Size
An Adobe Acrobat file System Map | September 2020 09-03-2020 657.84 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file Smart Ride Guide | September 2020 v3.0 10-07-2020 5.76 MB
An Adobe Acrobat file Service Change Guide | September 2020 09-03-2020 897.28 KB

Your interactive guide is here!

We’ve made a lot of changes to the guide so you can worry less about finding your schedule and more time enjoying the ride.

Take it Wherever You Go

Since it’s on your mobile device, it’s easy to carry around. Just download the guide to your mobile device or view it anytime, anywhere, day or night.

It’s Always Up to Date

Changes happen from time to time. When they do, we can update the guide on the fly. That means you’ll have the most accurate and up-to-date routes and schedules possible.

Built for Safety

Your information is available on your own personal device so that means less contact with paper ride guides and safer, touch-free travel experience.

Less Waste

Going digital means no need to carry a paper version around and less paper means less waste.

One Click and Go

No more flipping through pages to get to your route. At the Table of Contents, simply click your route and we’ll take you there in a snap. You can also click easy links to boarding diagrams, phone numbers and websites for places served.

Everything, All the Time

You can change your mind and take a different route than normal. Have access to every route and every map right on your phone.