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The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) title 49 states that RTA "may require that wheelchair users make use of securement systems for their mobility devices." This section gives RTA the right to choose whether or not wheelchairs must be tied down. RTA exercises this right and insists on securing the wheelchair. We require a four point securement. If the chair cannot be secured using this method, the tie down will be completed as effectively and safely as possible. Customers that do not want their wheelchair secured may not be transported.


Your safety and security are RTA's top priorities. We take every precaution to assure your safety. But we need you to be a partner with us in keeping our system safe and secure. Here's how you can help:

Familiarize yourself with the following signs of suspicious activity and report people who:

  • Act in a disorderly manner.
  • Are alarming and disturbing others.
  • Abandon a package and quickly exit the area.
  • Carry a weapon or you suspect is carrying a weapon.
  • Pace, appear nervous or are jumpy.
  • Wear clothing that is extremely inappropriate for the weather, such as a heavy coat on a hot day.

Watch for suspicious packages on the bus or at major bus stops. Most unattended items may simply be lost or left behind. However, look for the following characteristics and report suspicious items to a bus driver or the police:

  • Placement in an out-of-the-way location
  • Attached batteries, wires, tanks, bottles or bags that might contain chemicals or explosives
  • An attached message
  • A suspicious cloud, mist, gas, vapor, odor or seeping fluid
  • Nearby individuals showing signs of illness or distress

REMEMBER, in an emergency always follow the instructions of your bus driver, the police and/or fire officials.


RTA vehicles are operated by skilled professionals. In the event of an emergency, our bus drivers have direct radio access to our headquarters. Passengers should report any suspicious condition to the vehicle operator immediately. Our employees have been trained to handle a variety of emergencies. You can also report any suspicious condition to our Customer Information Center at (951) 565-5002 or contact local authorities.


RTA has video cameras on buses. The cameras help us keep track of activity throughout the bus, the bike racks on the front of the bus, and at bus stops when passengers board and alight.


When transit employees and transit customers pool resources, the result is a highly effective first line of defense against a potential natural or man-made disaster. So, please, make a commitment to becoming an alert, informed, prepared and involved member of this employee-passenger partnership.

Rest assured, your efforts will go a long way toward enhancing the safety and security of our transit system.


Being prepared is the best way to reduce the stress and complications that an emergency brings. Preparedness helps you safe guard yourself and your family, while also providing peace of mind.

RTA has a number of measures in place to address a broad range of emergencies. Additionally, we encourage you to be prepared. Below are links to sites with valuable information to help you prepare for the next emergency: