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BUSWATCH: Power in the Palm on Your Hand

RTA’s BusWatch is a free service that uses a Global Positioning System to pinpoint the location and estimated arrival time of your bus. BusWatch shows you in real-time where buses are on the map and estimates when they will arrive at your stop.

Check out the new-and-improved BusWatch, a better way to track your bus, plan your trip, and get alerts on the routes you ride the most. With an improved responsive website that has a sleeker design and easier navigation, the super-charged BusWatch is a breeze to use from your phone or tablet. Plus, it’s free! Go to or download the app to get started.

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GET THE APP | Download From App Store | Google Play
BusWatch provides real-time arrival information, schedules, fares, rider alerts and contact information.

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Go to for real-time bus arrival information. Check out routes, stops and buses live on an interactive map. You can also subscribe to receive alerts and other information on the routes you use.

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TRACK BY TEXT | Easy instructions
Text us at 41411. In the message area, type “rtabus” (space) and then the four-digit stop number, for example “rtabus 1234,” and you will receive a text response from RTA about arrival times for that stop. Bus stop numbers are available at all stops and Don’t know how to find your bus stop number? Call us at (951) 565-5002.

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You can always call us at (951) 565-5002 for real-time bus information. 


Whether you're on the go or just planning your next trip, transit apps put schedule and route information at your fingertips. RTA is proud to make our information available to a wide range of app developers so you can get rapid, convenient, and accurate travel assistance straight from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Here's a quick glimpse at some transit apps that caught our eye. Click on the links below and find out for yourself which app works best for you.

Google Map App

Google Maps | Visit Google Maps | FREE – All operating systems.
Google Maps Transit is a public transportation planning tool that combines the latest RTA bus data with the power of Google Maps. It integrates stops, routes, schedules and service alerts. Google Maps Transit also features real-time arrival information to make trip planning quick and easy. 

Bing App

BING | Visit Bing | FREE – All operating systems.
Transit on Bing Maps is a public transportation planning tool that combines the latest RTA bus data with the power of Bing Maps. It integrates stop, route and schedule to make trip planning quick and easy for everyone. 

Transit App

TRANSIT APP | Get the Transit App | FREE – All operating systems.
Transit is a mobile app providing real-time public transit data. The app functions in over 175 metropolitan areas around the world. Transit was designed for aggregating and mapping real-time public transit data, crowdsourcing user data to determine the true location of buses and trains. 

Riverside Transit Agency is pleased to offer access to our schedule data meeting GTFS specifications. Our data feed is available for download here. This feed is updated regularly so make sure you check often. The data includes all of our stops, routes, trips, scheduled info, and geographic data for our system.