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RTA has a policy for transferring retired small and mid-size buses, trolleys and service trucks to registered 501c non-profit or service organizations, municipalities, county agencies and special districts. These vehicles have surpassed their useful life according to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines for RTA’s purposes, however, may still have worth to a recipient organization.

Qualifying organizations must be located within RTA’s service area, be a registered 501c non-profit/service organization, municipality, agency or special district, and must be financially able to accept and maintain the vehicle for a minimum of one year.

Interested organizations must submit an application, along with proof of their non-profit or other status. Applications are reviewed and approved periodically by RTA’s Board of Directors. Once approved, the applicant will be placed on a waitlist to receive an available vehicle.

Before you submit an application, it is important to understand the kind of vehicle you will be receiving, and, we encourage you to evaluate your ability to financially afford to use and maintain the vehicle. Please review the Vehicle Transfer Program Facts to Know before submitting your application.

The current estimated wait time to receive a vehicle is one to two years.

Applications can be downloaded and submitted to Melissa Blankenship by email at , by mail at P.O. Box 59968, Riverside, CA 92517-1968, or by fax at 951-565-5192.

Submission of an application does not guarantee receipt of a vehicle.