Get out and have some fun this holiday season with a little help from the Riverside Transit Agency. This winter break, RTA will offer 25-cent fares aboard any bus to anyone 18 or younger.


The Festival of Lights is just around the corner. We'll take you there.

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Meeting Agendas

2019 BOARD AGENDAS | Meeting Video





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Maps & Schedules

RapidLink Gold Line | UCR, Downtown Riverside, Galleria at Tyler, Corona Transit Center

Route 1 | UCR, Downtown Riverside, Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station, Smith & 6th, W. Corona Metrolink

Route 3 | Eastvale, Norco, Corona Transit Center, 10th & Belle

Route 8 | Lake Elsinore, Wildomar

Route 9 | Perris Station Transit Center, Lake Elsinore Outlet Center

Route 10 | Big Springs & Watkins, Downtown Riverside, Galleria at Tyler

Route 11 | Moreno Valley Mall, March ARB, Alessandro & Frederick

Route 12 | La Cadena & Stephens, Downtown Riverside, Corona Hills Plaza

Route 13 | Hunter Park/UCR Metrolink Station, Downtown Riverside, Galleria at Tyler

Route 14 | Galleria at Tyler, Downtown Riverside, Loma Linda VA Hospital

Route 15 | Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station, Downtown Riverside, Merced & Magnolia

Route 16 | UCR, Moreno Valley Mall

Route 18 | Sunnymead Ranch, Moreno Valley Mall, Moreno Valley College

Route 19 | Moreno Valley Mall, Perris Station Transit Center - Trumble Rd

Route 20 | Magnolia & Elizabeth, Social Security Office, Moreno Valley/March Field Metrolink Station, RUMC, Kaiser Permanente, Moreno Valley College

Route 21 | Galleria at Tyler, Country Village via Jurupa Valley

Route 22 | Downtown Riverside, Perris Station Transit Center

Route 23 | Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar

Route 24 | Temecula, Pechanga Resort

Route 26 | Orangecrest, Moreno Valley/March Field Metrolink Station, Moreno Valley Mall

Route 27 | Galleria at Tyler, Orangecrest, Perris Station Transit Center

Route 28 | Perris Station Transit Center, Hemet Valley Mall, Florida & Lincoln

Route 29 | Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station, Downtown Riverside, Jurupa Valley, Eastvale

Route 30 | Weston & Strohm, Perris Station Transit Center, May Ranch

Route 31 | Moreno Valley Mall, Beaumont, Banning, San Jacinto, Hemet Valley Mall

Route 32 | Hemet Valley Mall, Mt. San Jacinto College - San Jacinto

Route 33 | Hemet-Sanderson, East Hemet

Route 40 | Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Quail Valley, Menifee, Sun City

Route 41 | Mead Valley Comm. Center, RUMC

Route 42 | Hemet Valley Mall, San Jacinto, Soboba Casino

Route 49 | Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station, Downtown Riverside, Country Village, Fontana

Route 50 Jury Trolley | Eden Lutheran Church, Riverside County Courthouse, Downtown Riverside

Route 51 Crest Cruiser | UCR, Canyon Crest, Riverside

Route 52 | UCR, Hunter Park/UCR Metrolink Station

Route 54 | Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Shuttle

Route 55 Temecula Trolley | Harveston, Promenade Mall, County Center Dr

Route 61 | Perris Station Transit Center, South Perris Metrolink Station, Sun City, Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula

Route 74 | San Jacinto, Hemet, Winchester, Menifee, Sun City, South Perris Metrolink Station, Perris

Route 79 | San Jacinto, Hemet, Winchester, Temecula


CommuterLink Express logo x475

Route 200 | San Bernardino Downtown Transit Center, Downtown Riverside, Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station, Galleria at Tyler, La Sierra Metrolink Station, Village at Orange, Anaheim, Disneyland

Route 202 | Murrieta, Temecula, Oceanside Transit Center

Route 204 | UCR, Downtown Riverside, Country Village, Ontario Mills, Montclair Transcenter

Route 205/206 | Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore Outlet Center Park and Ride, Tom’s Farms, Dos Lagos, Corona Transit Center, Village at Orange

Route 208 | Temecula, Murrieta, South Perris Metrolink Station, Perris Station Transit Center, Moreno Valley Mall, UCR, Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station, Downtown Riverside

Route 210/Sunline 220 | Palm Desert, Thousand Palms, Beaumont Walmart, Moreno Valley, UCR, Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station | RTA PASSES, AND GO-PASS, U-PASS AND CITY PASS PROGRAMS NOT ACCEPTED ON SUNLINE 220

Route 217 | San Jacinto, Hemet, Temecula, Escondido



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Say goodbye to paper passes! Purchase and use RTA bus passes instantly on your phone. It’s easy. Just download the Token Transit app and follow the prompts to get 1-Ride, 1-Day, 7-Day and 30-Day passes. Questions? Contact us at (951) 565-5002.

Latest News & Press Releases

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Latest News
Press Releases
  • Monday November 25

    Temecula Parade Service | December 6

    RTA will be offering one-night-only expanded service to the annual event from the Promenade Mall and Pechanga Resort. Route 24 buses will be available all day and leave approximately every hour to Old Town. Return service will run until 9:50…

  • Tuesday November 26

    Anywhere RTA Goes — Only 25¢

    QUARTER RIDES AVAILABLE DECEMBER 21, 2019 TO JANUARY 12, 2020 Who says a quarter doesn’t buy much? The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is once again rolling out a special 25-cent fare for youths who ride the bus between December 21…

  • Friday November 15

    2019 Holiday Schedule

    The holidays are here and that means RTA bus schedules and office hours are subject to change. RTA is pleased to offer Sunday service on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27Day before Thanksgiving BUSES WILL OPERATE REGULAR…

  • Monday October 21

    Public Hearing Notice: RTA Proposes to Discontinue Trips on Routes 20 And 22

    The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is proposing to discontinue the following Route 20 and Route 22 weekday trips serving Moreno Valley, Riverside and Citrus Hill High School. If approved, the changes would take effect January 12, 2020. Route 20 eastbound…

  • Tuesday October 08

    RTA Gets Glowing Feedback From Federal Review

    The review, done every three years, examined 21 areas of operations Propelled by strong ridership, expanded service and continued excellence in customer service, the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is making good use of taxpayer dollars and operating at an overall…

  • Wednesday September 25

    Public Hearing Notice: RTA Proposes to Discontinue Route 54

    The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is planning to discontinue the Route 54 Downtown Riverside Metrolink Shuttle effective January 12, 2020 due to low ridership and duplication of other services. A public hearing regarding this change will be held during the…

  • Friday September 06

    RTA Service Change To Affect More Than 40 Routes

    Adjustments to expand routes, improve frequency, enhance connections If you ride the bus, your service could be getting a whole lot better beginning this weekend. That’s because the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is about to adjust several routes to boost…

  • Thursday September 05

    RTA Board Of Directors Selects New Leader In Moore

    Wildomar’s Bridgette Moore unanimously chosen as new chair through end of 2020 The Riverside Transit Agency’s (RTA) Board of Directors has unanimously chosen Wildomar City Council Member Bridgette Moore to lead the 22-member governing board through the end of 2020.…

  • Thursday August 08

    Service Change September 8, 2019: What’s New

    On September 8, the Riverside Transit Agency made several schedule and route changes to boost performance, enhance connections and expand service into new areas. SERVICE CHANGE GUIDE RIDE GUIDE SYSTEM MAP AFFECTED ROUTES: 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,…

  • Tuesday May 21

    New Fares July 1

    On July 1, RTA implemented its first fare increase in more than a decade. The changes follow more than a month of community meetings and a public hearing. RTA’s fares have been generally lower than that of neighboring transit agencies.…

  • Monday April 22

    RTA Plan Calls For New Route, More Express Trips, Enhanced Service

    Service change would affect 40 routes, beginning September  Get ready for a new bus route, better service frequency and improved connections for bus service in Riverside County and beyond. That’s the message Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is telling its customers…

  • Tuesday March 12

    Board Member Nears End of Epic Journey

    Next Thursday, RTA Board member Randon Lane will become first to ride all bus routes Looking for someone who knows how to get around on the bus? Just ask Riverside Transit Agency Chairman Randon Lane. After all, he’s ridden on virtually…


Get ready for boosted performance, enhanced connections and expanded service. On September 8, the Riverside Transit Agency made a variety of changes designed to improve your travel experience. Some of the highlights include faster weekend service aboard a new-and-improved Route 1. With arrivals every 15 minutes between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., there’s never been a faster way around town on weekends. RTA also energized Route 12 with faster arrivals and expanded service to more places in Corona, including Corona Hills Plaza. Plus, with enhanced service between Mt. San Jacinto College, the Hemet Valley Mall and Temecula, there’s more reasons than ever to ride the expanded Route 79. Details are now available inside on-board brochures, at and in the new Ride Guide.